Progress Data Governance and Compliance services allow our reseller partners to access resource so they can maximise revenue streams.

With expert consultants and cutting-edge software tools at your fingertips, our services deliver peace of mind, efficiency and value for money for your customers whilst allowing you to tap into new markets.

Our range of services address significant challenges CISO’s face every day and are available to all our reseller partners to use

  • Duplication of tasks:  Different teams conducting similar activities in an unco-ordinated way leading to inefficient resource allocation
  • Poor visibility of activities:  A lack of integration across tasks makes it difficult for management decision makers to have an accurate view of a given situation
  • Reactive rather than pro-active approaches:  ‘Fire-fighting’ post event rather than proactive identification of key risk areas lead to bigger problems
  • Adapating to new challenges: Failure to keep pace with dynamic business models, regulations and organisational changes.

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